Don’t hate it, don’t love it

Hey guys my name is David Ross and I’m from Alexandria, VA which is about 20 minutes outside of D.C. I’m a freshman and I will be majoring in Professional Golf Management (PGM).

Over the summer I essentially just lived a typical teenage life. I slept in, played sports, ate Chipotle, listened to dubstep,


and then watched a variety of popular shows on Netflix just about every day. I did not spend too much time thinking about science. I have nothing against the subject, I just don’t place it high on my list of things to ponder about in my free time. If anything, I would say that I occasionally enjoy watching science related YouTube videos created by Vsauce or Minute Physics. It is always fun to watch something that teaches me something I actually have an interest in. Here is one example. Other than being bored before bed though I do not involve myself with science which is why I am not majoring in it. My passion is golf and the fact that Penn State offers PGM is why I chose this university. 

When I was with my advisor at NSO I was not sure what to do in terms of fulfilling my gen ed requirements. Since my major doesn’t really involve science in any substantial way, I was looking for a course that wouldn’t be detrimental to my overall college experience but would just get me closer to getting my degree. My advisor left the decision  up to me. I could have taken a meteorology class but something attracted me to SC 200. In all honesty I chose it because the description made the class seem easier than the other choices. Andrew, however, in the past couple classes has showed me that it won’t necessarily be easy. I will be challenged and will have to set aside a decent amount of time for this class. While that may not have been appealing to me a couple weeks ago I couldn’t be more excited now. I haven’t had too many fond experiences with science considering my teachers have been unbelievably incompetent and boring. Andrew isn’t like that in the slightest. The fact that we basically choose what to learn about and get to interact with each other about it all will be an experience I have never had before. Some topics I would appreciate learning a little bit more about would have to be the possibility of life other planets and the possibility of an identical version of me if the universe is big enough. I am ecstatic that I am in this course and I am sure that I will look back to this course someday and consider it one of the best classes I ever took at Penn State. See you all soon!

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    Another cool science video channel is ASAP Science. They also look at strange and kooky topics and present them in a fun way that makes it more interesting and appealing to someone who is not necessarily fond of science. Here’s one of their videos that deals with sleep deprivation, something every college student can relate to. Link-

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