I Just Don’t Dig On Science, That’s All

Hey, how’s it going everyone? My name is Tyler Azar, I’m a sophomore from Johnstown, PA. I’m in Smeal and planning to study finance. In high school, I never had any interest in science classes. I took the required ones and did well enough because they were fairly basic, but it just never excited me. Even last semester when I took Astro 001 online, it didn’t do much for me. In all honesty, I took this class based off of the recommendation of an article on Onward State. The article said that the class is straightforward, as easy as a college level science class is going to be, and that Andrew’s accent is lit. So far, one of those three has been true. I’m hoping the other two are as well.

You can kind of infer from the previous paragraph as to why I’m not planning to be a science major, but in the interest of full credit, I’ll reiterate. I’m not planning to be a science major because it holds no interest for me, I wouldn’t do well in a science based career, and I would do better in pretty much any other area of study. The first two classes did get me interested in what Andrew has to offer, so hopefully that continues and this can be a great class!

I’m including a picture of Harambe and a link to a song that makes me think of him, both to satisfy the requirements of the assignment AND because he must never be forgotten


Goodnight Sweet Prince

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