I Quite Like Science, I Just Like Writing Better.

Hello! My name is Madison Starr. I’m from Northern Virginia; just outside of D.C.. I’m a freshmen and a photojournalism major. Like some other people taking this class, I had to take a science class. I’ve always really liked science, and I’ve always done pretty well. However, after having the devil for a physics teacher last year, I decided I wanted a science class that was a bit more fun. This one came highly recommended.

When I was younger, there were many different jobs I thought I wanted. Anything from a teacher, to an archaeologist, and even a stay-at-home parent. However, when I was fifteen I took a creative writing class. I actually always hated writing, and shamefully took the class to meet girls. Writing ended up becoming a great love of mine. I’ve been published for poetry and prose since I was fifteen, I started running my own website filled with my writings at sixteen, and I wrote and self-published a book at seventeen. At eighteen, I won several photography contests with what I thought were shit iPhone photos. It was then I realized photojournalism might be for me.

If any of you lovely people might be interested in reading any of my writings or seeing my photography click here. IMG_9332

2 thoughts on “I Quite Like Science, I Just Like Writing Better.

  1. Danielle Megan Sobel

    Hey Madison! It sounds like we are so similar, both from right outside DC and both journalism majors, and also not that into science. I really liked reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I haven’t taken too much time to work on Photo Journalism in the past few years, since I’ve been editing my high school paper for the most part, but I remember how much I used to love it.

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