I used to be a Science person.

My name is Amanda Thieu and I’m from Philadelphia, PA. Yes, I’m actually from Philadelphia. Not bucks county or delco, or mainline etc. When I was younger I used to be a science person. I loved learning about volcanos and constructing one like shown here. I’ve always been a very textile person. Doing experiments helped me learned the material presented to me. I am not a science major because as I got older and entered more advanced science courses, I realized that I struggled grasping the concepts taught in class. I was taught such a uniform science structure. I found all of the topics were mundane. I never understood or remembered the formulas for chemistry or physics. My high school didn’t have the strongest science teachers therefore I feel like I’m lacking in the science department. I just don’t click with science too much. English and the arts are my strong suit. Throughout high school, I’ve taken every form of science to offer and I felt robbed that I didn’t learn much science.

Why did I take this course? I was originally signed up for another science course that I thought I was going to enjoy. During the summer I got an email saying that the class was dropped due to the instructor being unable to teach it. Last minute I wanted to fulfill another science course before the semester started. When I was at NSO, I distinctly remember telling my advisor at the time that I refuse to take any science course that is related to chemistry, engineering, physics, environmental science etc.  I wanted to do something that had to do with society etc. When I saw the title of he course that said “Certainty and Controversy” I was intrigued because I like debating controversial topics. I assumed that it was going to include topics like evolution and topics related to that. I didn’t know what I was going to expect in this class but I’m glad now that I’m apart of SC 200 because this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I read through the topics that we will be discussing in class and that’s everything I’ve always wondered about the world.

Here is some of my photography:
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