I’m not good with titles

Hi Hi,

My name is Jen Malespina and I’m from Park Ridge, NJ. When looking for colleges, my two requirements were 1) that it is a huge school and 2) that football is big deal—obviously Penn State fits that perfectly. I am currently undecided but am choosing between business or communications. I have always excelled at science throughout school but I literally cannot deal with how painfully boring it is, which is why I do not plan to have a career based on it. When switching around my schedule at the last possible second, I saw that there was a seat left in here and decided to take it, especially being that the description included that it was for students not intending to pursue anything further with science.

If there is one thing that I am good at it is complaining so I’ve compiled a list of complaints pertaining to science, giving you an idea of why I don’t plan to study it in the future:

-I can’t stand the sight of blood, intestines, anything medical related

-Space scares me

-Gravity is annoying


-Einstein seemed like a chill guy (not a complaint, just throwing that out there)

-Bill Nye is creepy

-Almost every science teacher I’ve had barely spoke English and liked to yell a lot

-Climate Change/ Global Warming/ whatever you want to call it, scares me

-Meteorologists are only right like 40% of the time

-I never got to make a volcano in science class

science dog

Here‘s a link to some more logical reasoning as why science is so boring

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