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Hi SC 200!
My name is Ashley Day and I am a freshman here at Penn State. I am from Allentown, PA. Shout out to anyone else in this class from the LV (aka the Lehigh Valley). I have much appreciation for where I come from even though I complain about it just as much as I praise it. The whole transition to college has been daunting. I’ll be honest I am a bit homesick. I miss my friends and my cat the most.
Click HERE to listen to Billy Joel sing Allentown. Shout out to my hometown. Its all about the Lehigh Valley, specifically Bethlehem and Allentown, and the decline of the steel industry. The steel industry was actually only in Bethlehem but Allentown just flowed better for songwriting purposes. Residents of Allentown had mixed emotions to the song, but in the end it’s Billy Joel and everyone got over it. The mayor of Allentown even ended up giving him the key to the city. The song was praised my the mayor for being a gritty song about a gritty city.


That’s my best friend and I on graduation, June 2016. ( I’m on the left)

To be totally honest with you, I am taking this course because the randomly assigned advisor given to me at NSO said it was a good course. At first I gave him a reassuring nod that meant I at least acknowledged him but in reality I brushed him off. All I had ever heard about picking classes was to pick classes you’re actually interested in. So when he gave me that piece of information, I kept scrolling through the immense amount of courses offered here to try and find one myself. Point of the story is when I came to SC200 and read the course description I knew it was a class I would enjoy. Knowing this course wasn’t an actual science class and wouldn’t involve intensive research, I was in. I am excited for the semester ahead in this course.

Knowing this course wasn’t a “real” science class was one of the reasons I took it. With that in mind, I must not really like science. Well I dislike science enough to not major in it.  Throughout grade school I never preformed poorly in science and honestly I enjoyed it. In high school I even took AP chemistry and did surprisingly well. As I learned throughout AP chem the amount of time and patience science entails. I wouldn’t say that I’m an impatient person but I know I don’t have the patience to major in science. The endless research I just wouldn’t enjoy. For the cherry on top, my mom is dating my previous chemistry (10th grade) and AP chemistry (11th grade) teacher (same person) that I had in high school. I spent two full years with that teacher and to be honest I didn’t even truly like him. So any enjoyment I got from science was quickly stripped away after I knew they were together. (That might have been too much information, but it’s the truth.)

That’s all I got! I look forward to the semester ahead with an open mind! 🙂


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