Hi guys! My name is Lauren Ribeiro and I am a sophomore from Long Valley, NJ. I am in the Smeal College of Business and I plan to study accounting and maybe minor in Spanish, but still not too sure about that.  

I have never really been a science person. I always found biology, chemistry and physics difficult in high school. Labs, classes and exams always just seemed like a hassle and i never did well on them. I also never really thought they were useful because they don’t have anything to do with my major, for example, most accountants don’t need to know that the nucleus is the powerhouse of cell. I was really only planning on taking this class as part of the science gen-ed requirement, but after sitting through the first week of this class, I am really looking forward to hearing the lectures that Andrew has planned and getting to do some deep thinking. His topics like deep time and is flossing good for you seem really interesting. I also like how he allows us to learn what we want, that way we will be more interested in what he is talking about, and actually enjoy the lessons. 

Besides being obsessed with the office, I am also a total coffee fanatic. Dunkin Donuts and starbucks keep me going and you can probably always find me in class drinking a cup. Nowadays doctors are aways debating whether coffee is good for you or not, so below I attached an article that I thought was really interesting! Is coffee good or bad for you Im sure even if doctors come to the conclusion that coffee is bad for you, I will continue to drink massive amounts of it.


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