Love Math Hate Science

Hi everyone!

My name is Candace and I am a freshman in DUS. I have never done well in a science class in my life. The only time I enjoyed a science class were the days where we would watch Bill Nye or make fun things like kites.

I actually just switched into this class the other day after almost crying in my intro to meteorology class. I thought I would enjoy that class because I think the weather is cool, but after the first day I had to get out. I think SC200 will be much better for me because it seems to be more of a discussion about controversial topics rather than memorizing terms and formulas.I heard that this course is for people who do not like science which is exactly why I joined it. I definitely do not plan on becoming a science major or anything remotely related to science (except math).

I feel like when people think of school subjects they link the social studies and english’s together and the math and sciences together. I’m not sure exactly what I want to major in but I know I love math and hate science so the common link between the two is not ideal for me. I am trying to avoid science as much as possible with still figuring out what I would want to do with a math major and I feel like this class is a good start in doing so.


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  1. Trevor Richard Dennehy

    This is a very interesting perspective, I feel like most of the blog posts I’ve read, myself included, are people who like science, but Math is their real stumbling block. I never really thought about how someone could like Math but not science, but your cartoon makes it all make sense. You like concrete answers, and science is anything but concrete, as this article points out. Neat post, never really thought of it your way.

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