Making the Most of it

Greetings, everyone.

My name is Jeff Sherman, and I am a freshmen here at Penn State currently enrolled in the College of Communications. As indicated by my major of choice, expressing ideas through words and writing has always been a particular interest of mine, accompanied with a passion for reading. I’ve always enjoyed conceptual science, such as discussing the universe and the hidden secrets of the world alongside evolution and other major principles that have shaped the world we live in. My disinterest for science unfortunately stems from my hatred for math, a subject that I simply did not practice enough to grow proficient in. As science courses in high school grew more math intensive, my grades began to drop and I started to focus more on the skills I already developed.


While I may not be talented in math, another area of interest of mine is business. In high school, I participated in a club named DECA. DECA is an international business competition that boasts over 200,000 high school members with about 2,000 individual chapters spread across the United States and the world. For anyone interested, DECA has a collegiate level as well, and more information can be found here ( While information about the club is not necessarily important, DECA has taught me that the fields of science and math are easily the quickest growing industries, and people that excel in communication and sales can benefit from this change by selling the products more talented scientists create. By taking SC 200, I can gain a better general understanding of core scientific principles while additionally developing critical thinking skills and simultaneously improve my writing. In addition to gaining these skills, I believe this course is an interesting variation from your typical science class, and I will be able to discuss and learn about things not usually covered in a run of the mill science course.

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