Math and science; not for me

Hi Everyone, my name is Chloe Salvato and I’m from Westfield, NJ. I don’t necessarily hate science; in fact, I have a fond liking for it. Except, I do not have a math / science brain, which is why I ended up here. I am a freshman in the College of Communications, with an intended major in advertising. I have to receive a 3.3 GPA by my junior year so I definitely did not want to take physics, chemistry, or biology. But, I plan on minoring in nutrition which involves some science unfortunately. Furthermore, there are many different areas of concentration in advertising, which is partially why I am interested in it. I am hoping to get involved with either the entertainment or the food aspect of advertising. Originally I was in the DUS program, but after giving some thought as to what I enjoy, the two things that popped into my mind were pop culture and food/ eating healthy. But, I definitely do not want to become a TV show host, I want to be more “behind the scenes.” This is why I hope that advertising will be the right path for me. I also don’t want to become a chef, but I want to be mindful of how certain foods can affect the body. I also just love food in general. I have always been a huge foodie, except I didn’t start eating healthy and realizing how important it is until about 8 months ago. Once I changed my diet and started exercising, eating healthy became a true passion of mine and I now have a greater appreciation for food. Click here to learn about why eating healthy is so important!


Basically, I chose this class because it’s based upon critical thinking, and rather than scientific math equations. Although, I didn’t do poorly in my math or science classes, but I certainly did struggle a lot. It took A LOT of time and effort for me to understand something so simple. I’d rather play on my strengths, rather than my weaknesses.

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  1. Maria Jean Conti

    I feel like we are definitely in the same boat here. There is nothing I particularly hate about science, it just isn’t something I can see myself pursuing in the long run. I’ve also always had an interest in nutrition because I like to know what I’m putting in my body and how it’s helping me. Here’s an article I found about food cravings and what they really mean.

  2. kmh6121

    Hey Chloe! You are just like me, I have the least bit interest in Math and Science! I am moving to LA in a few months and am trying to get a LA body ( a six pack). Lately I’ve been trying to exercise and eat healthier.

    It’s a bit lengthy but I watched this video to get an idea of what I should eat in order to achieve my goal.

  3. Julia R Martini

    Hey Chloe!
    I live in New Jersey and am in the communication school as well! Right now I’m majoring in advertising and PR but I want to take some nutrition classes as well! We have so much in common so we have to meet soon.
    I try to stick to a healthy diet but it does’t work out that well. I did google this link after my first ice cream from the creamery though. Hope we can meet soon!

  4. hjg5126

    I just read your post and I feel like we have a lot in common!! I am in DUS now but I’m very interested into switching into the college of communications potentially for advertising (strongly because I also don’t have a brain for complicated math and science equations). On top of all that I also really enjoy a healthy lifestyle (not trying to gain that freshman 15). Here is a link to my favorite healthy place to eat back at home.

  5. ljj126

    Loved your blog! Healthy eating is so important and gets overlooked on the daily! I love science just wished I was better at it, but like you, Im working with my skills and strengths, which is def not science! 🙂

  6. Dylan Jacob Huberman

    I hear you. I don’t have a brain for math and science either. I also am a freshman in the communications school and enjoy some good food. Sounds like we are taking this class for similar reasons.

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