my relationship with science is love/hate.

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am a sophomore here at State. I’m majoring in Human development and family studies and am pursuing a minor in Child maltreatment and advocacy. My priorities for the future are to start a family, get my masters of social work, and work for child protective services (or be a stay at home mom).

A little more about me personally…I was born and raised in New Jersey in a relatively small town called Burlington (if you look at new jersey on a map were right in the bend on the left side). It’s just me and my mom, along with our dog, Rosie.

Additionally, my boyfriend is a Marine and that plays a huge part in my life. He’s currently deployed and will be home in February.

Here’s a super good song about the Marine Corps….Semper Fi

If you couldn’t tell by my major or future goals, I’m not a math or science person at all. I hate math with everything inside me, but I can make exceptions for science. It’s a love/hate relationship. I hate biology and chemistry, but love anatomy and physiology. Maybe that’s because of the teachers I had or maybe it was just the material covered.

I’m taking this class because I need a gen ed in science for my major and this was the only class that intrigued me in the least. I thought I’d just be taking this class for a grade, but after the first classes I’m honestly interested in what were going to cover.


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