Hi, my name is Ariana Caruso and I am a sophomore planning to major in Marketing. One reason why I am not a science major is because science has always been a subject I struggled with in school. Not only did I usually find it challenging, but extremely boring. For the most part, I never had a science teacher who tried to make science interesting/ relevant. In school, class was always focused more towards learning through the textbook rather than linking the material to real life examples. Also, I am not good at math so any science with equations, especially physics and chemistry were always subjects I have tried to veer away from.

Since I am still required to take a few science classes, I decided to choose this one over the many other classes offered because I heard the teacher actually made the class interesting. I can say that so far, my middle school Biology teacher was the only science teacher that ever made me enjoy science. He was super passionate not just about the subject, but making sure the class was engaged. He barely stuck to the textbook and related everything to interesting examples. Knowing that I can enjoy science with a good science teacher, having someone interesting teach the class was really the main requirement I was looking for. If my science teachers in the past were different, maybe I would be a science major. But since I’m not, HERE is an article with some really cool pictures from space. images

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