Not a Big Fan of Science

Hello everyone, my name is Greg Belluscio. I am a freshman from Rumson, New Jersey as a prospective finance major, I am taking SC200 in order to broaden my understanding of science as much as possible without focusing on one topic per semester. I believe these blogs will help keep me up to date with what is happening in the scientific world and also, hopefully, improve my writing skills. Seeing Professor Andrews Ted Talk that he showed on the first day of class made me interested in SC200 because it gave us students a little bit of insight as to how he will teach the class.

I am not planning to be a science major because I never enjoyed the way high school science classes or labs were run. A teacher handing you directions to follow leaving no room to use the scientific method made science seem very boring to me. Hopefully the critical thinking aspect of this class could change the way I view science.

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