Hey guys I’m Delaney Flynn from Lafayette Hill, PA and I am majoring in business. I am really excited to take Science 200 because I really enjoyed the topics of our first few classes. I’ve always tolerated science, but once I took chemistry junior year-I absolutely hated it. I was constantly lost and struggling to follow the teacher’s lessons. I definitely wanted to avoid that type of class at all costs, so the description of Science 200 really interested me. I chose it during NSO on a wimb and was nicely surprised with the way the class was run. The flexibility and variety of topics we are studying will definitely keep my attention throughout the semester.I think the class’ lack of scientific background will provide interesting insights to the material.This class may help open my eyes to a new way of understanding science, and it will improve my critical thinking skills.

I don’t think I would survive as a science major because I’m also awful at math and am scared at the sight of blood or anything medical related. Science is a very wide spread major with many opportunities for the future; however, I think I am better suited for a business major.

One scientific field that I find very interesting is meteorology. I love tracking the daily  weather and learning how a storm is created over bodies of water then transformed over land. here is a link that describes the Thunderstorm Life Cycle from the developing to final stages and the damage capabilities of various levels of storms



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  1. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    is a link that I thought you might find interesting as well. The article is on lightning and how it all works! See ya ;—) ps sorry the link got messed up.

  2. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    Hey Delaney from Lafayette Hill! You seem like a really cool chick ;-)!!!! I totally agree with you about science not being your thing. It is not my thing either! I don’t think I could ever major in science either because I also cringe at the sight of blood. Science 200, however, seems interesting and fun, just as you mentioned in your post. I clicked on your link to thunderstorms and found it to be extremely intriguing. I have always loved watching the weather and have always been fascinated with how the predictions are made as well! I never knew how thunderstorms formed but the article gave me a good idea of how everything having to do with thunderstorms works. Thanks for sharing and

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