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A Neutron Walks Into a Bar & Orders a Beer

And the bartender says, “for you, no charge”.

My name is Adelaide and I’m currently a senior at Penn State. After many existential crises, I decided on a major of Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy and I intent to go into law after graduating. I’m taking this class to fill my GN requirement. And my friend has met Andrew and says he’s pretty cool.

I have nothing against science, I started at Penn State as a Forensic Science major and only after having a scarring experience with Chemistry and Calculus I decided to do a 180. I find the areas of Anatomy and Physiology fascinating and have chosen to focus some of my Anthropology studies in Biology. I studied in Australia for half a year and also gained an appreciation for the environment of that fantastic land. The continent evolved large hopping mammals with pouches, so of course it’s interesting.

I still enjoy reading about recent developments in science, I just don’t like studying it for a grade. I can’t perform under pressure like that. Science is the intriguing way that the world and all the things in it work and that’s fascinating. Tests are not, so that’s why I’ll stick to Gen Eds instead of a major in science.

If you don’t think nature’s pretty neat, just take a gander at this bear.


Hi! Everyone!

My name is Yiwei (Bree) Wang, and I am a freshman at Penn State:) Shout out to all the new freshmen! I am from Qingdao, a bustling coastal city in the east of China which contains all my childhood memories and is also the city where Olympics’s sailing race happened at. I am currently a freshman in the college of communication with an intended major in       Telecommunication.

The reason why I choose this class is not only to fulfill a GN requirement but to challenge myself. The funny thing about my family is that both my parents and my grandparents are really talented in the field of science/math, but somehow this did not happen on me. I clearly remembered my junior year in high school when I took chemistry and AP Biology the same time. to be honest, it did not turn out the way I expected at all. When I first started choosing my classes, I thought it would be okay if I try and work harder, but I guess chemistry and biology are just not my “thing”. I stayed up everyday trying to remember all the professional terms and definitions, but it just never worked for me. So during the orientation, I took the longest time deciding which science class I should take. When I found out that this class does not only learn about science but critical thinking, I knew that I found the right one for me because this way I can challenging myself by learning science and critical thinking the same time.

During the past few years, the power of internet and mass media has taken over the world such as Facebook and Instagram… So this made me developed a huge passion towards the development of the internet, movies and films. This is also why I choose to study Telecommunication instead of science.

Science, to me, is mysterious and challenging. It seems to me that science is everywhere, and this is what makes it so interesting but mysterious because you might never know that it exists.


I am really excited to take this course and looking forward to have a wonderful year!



Science.. No Thanks

Hey everyone!

My name is Raegan Pechar and I’m a freshman from Bethlehem, PA. I am in the College of Communications and majoring (hopefully, but probably subject to change) in digital and print journalism. I’ve despised science classes since I could remember, except one time in the third grade we dissected owl pellets.. that was pretty cool. Other than that, I really struggled with my science classes much more than my other courses because I just couldn’t understand without hours of cramming and memorizing equations and formulas. I took AP Physics my junior year and let me tell ya, worst decision ever (though I can tell you what e=mc2 is).  My English courses focused on digging deep into the material, and consisted of understanding the subject, rather than testing well. I’ve always loved that.

I stumbled upon this course thanks to orientation and the help of my academic advisor. I explained to her my loathing of science and that I could not possibly bear another semester of regurgitating formulas. I truly did not know what to expect when entering the class, considering a friend of mine took a dinosaur gen-ed her freshman year here at PSU and still swears that to this day was one of the hardest courses she’s ever taken (she transferred to Cornell her sophomore year). The topics of discussion on the syllabus are extremely intriguing, and I really value that the course is molded from what we are interested in exploring.

In other news, it’s been a little over a week since I left from home and my mom has already adopted a kitten as my replacement (I was an only child). She calls him Leo the Lion.



Also, if you happened to miss Beyonce’s performance at the VMA’s… I am doing you a favor by linking this.

If you’re not a Yonce fan (your loss), here’s an article on 20 big questions in science.


Hi everyone, my name is Jennafer Palmer. I’m a senior and I’m taking this class to fulfill my last GS requirement. As an English major and Theatre minor, I have always had a respect for math and science and at the same time I have always kept it at arm’s length through my career as a student. I will say though that I have more of a respect for science than math(which I detest with every fiber of my being). I like learning things that involve science like in documentaries. And occasionally blowing things up in my high school chemistry class, those were fun times. I thought this class would be interesting though because it didn’t seem like a typical science class where there are right and wrong answers that revolve around formulas. My favorite thing to learn about when it comes to science are Dinosaurs. Yes, I said it. Freshman year I took a class called “Dinosaur Extinction and Other Controversies”. I loved the class but the only downside is that we didn’t actually talk about dinosaurs till week 14 of the semester. But everything that we learned leading up to that week was very interesting and I did well in the class considering that’s the first time I ever took a class like that and it pushed my level of thinking. Anyway, I love Dinosaurs and have since I was little. At one point I wanted to be a paleontologist, but decided that studying dinosaurs is something that I should leave as a hobby for when I need a break from writing. So yes is you’re wondering I love Land Before Time, all the Jurassic Park movies and the original and updated versions of Godzilla. I know they are just movies and certain accuracies are stretched for the sake of entertainment but it’s interesting how accurate and inaccurate the dinosaurs are compared to the time period portrayed in the movie. If I were to be a science major I think it would take the fun out of the things that I admire the most about science. I respect those that study and teach it for a living. As for me, I will continue to love it at a distance and do my independent research on the parts of science I personally love.

Jurassic Park


Hello SC 200! My name is Joe Kok (last name pronounced like coke) and I am currently a sophomore here at Penn State.  The reason I am taking this course is because i needed another Gen Ed class to finish off my schedule.  While I was browsing all of the available classes I came across this one and it seemed interesting.  What stuck out to me was that in the course description it could be for students with even a loathing for science.  Now I don’t hate science that much but I thought, any science class that could be meant for people who even hate science must be pretty interesting.  So I went ahead and scheduled the class.


I am not planning to be a science major because a lot of science doesn’t really interest me.  My major is called Energy, Business, and Finance.  Some of you may argue that the Energy part of my major counts as science and I wouldn’t really disagree with you but because I don’t have to take chemistry or biology I’m just going to say it doesn’t count.  If you want to learn more about the person I am click here and follow me on twitter.


Why Doesn’t Science Feel Human?

Similar to most of my peers, Science 200 is fulfilling my general education science requirement. Being a student of the liberal arts, I take my general education requirements seriously. When searching for any gen-ed, I scrounge for an interesting and engaging class rather than a blow-off course. I was asking my friends about what classes they had taken and enjoyed. My roommate, Anna James, took this class her freshman year here at Penn State. Since Anna is a Type-A student, I trusted her opinion of the course. Instead of calling the class a “joke” or a “blow-off”, Anna said she LOVED the course because the topics were intriguing and something she did not consider conventional science. She mentioned that writing the blogs were manageable because she wrote about subjects that pertained to her daily life. Anna also mentioned that she felt energized after lecture instead of drained and tired.   After seeing topics like “Are men toxic” and “Is your reasoning hopeless” on the syllabus, I knew this class would keep me engaged in the material; I am hooked.

Currently, I am majoring in English with concentration in rhetoric, and I also am a psychology major. Both majors are not considered to be core sciences. In my previous schooling, my science classes have been boring and annoying. I have been annoyed with my science courses because these classes were focused more on testing a student’s grit and perseverance rather than focusing on engaging students with the material. All of my teachers continuously lectured about how their class will separate the tough from the weak. Even though I have earned satisfactory marks in all of these science courses, I did not feel like I truly learned about the material. Instead, I just exercised my homework endurance. Furthermore, all of my past science courses focused on teaching the foundations of science. Even though every scientist needs a foundation in science…duh…the classes never discussed how the class material related to modern-day research and discoveries. There was a disconnect between the basic science and the exciting scientific research that happens everyday. I am excited for a change of pace with this course.

Since science has seemed boring and aggressive, I am not a science major. Psychology excites me because it is so new! There is so much research potential for understanding why we are the way we are. In class, potential advancements in mental health were mentioned, and my ears perked up. I am fascinated by how much we do not know or understand about each other and ourselves. My other major, English, focuses on rhetoric and composition. I enjoy studying how we communicate and persuade one another. Reading offers a unique understanding about social and personal issues over the course of centuries. Both of these majors consist of something innately human that draws on my interests. Thus far, science has seemed so non-human despite it being the core of our existence; that is why I am not a science major.

-Taylor Lender

alien science



Hi, my name is Ariana Caruso and I am a sophomore planning to major in Marketing. One reason why I am not a science major is because science has always been a subject I struggled with in school. Not only did I usually find it challenging, but extremely boring. For the most part, I never had a science teacher who tried to make science interesting/ relevant. In school, class was always focused more towards learning through the textbook rather than linking the material to real life examples. Also, I am not good at math so any science with equations, especially physics and chemistry were always subjects I have tried to veer away from.

Since I am still required to take a few science classes, I decided to choose this one over the many other classes offered because I heard the teacher actually made the class interesting. I can say that so far, my middle school Biology teacher was the only science teacher that ever made me enjoy science. He was super passionate not just about the subject, but making sure the class was engaged. He barely stuck to the textbook and related everything to interesting examples. Knowing that I can enjoy science with a good science teacher, having someone interesting teach the class was really the main requirement I was looking for. If my science teachers in the past were different, maybe I would be a science major. But since I’m not, HERE is an article with some really cool pictures from space. images

Science: Interesting…but not good at it

Hey everyone my name is Patrick Ryan and I am a freshman from Monroe, CT. I am currently in the division of undergraduate studies, but I am leaning towards going into something with business. I am a big sports fan, my favorite being baseball. I hope I can combine sports and business into my future job.

I’ve always thought science was interesting, but I was never really all that good at it. Realizing that I was only average at science in high school, I decided to schedule my courses this year towards business. My initial thought was just to find a science class that filled in my gen-ed requirement, but after listening to Andrew talk about the class this past week, I am actually excited to learn more about these future topics we’ll cover.

I love and hate letting my mind run on the topic of space and all about it. I have so many questions about it, but I know they most likely will not be answered during my time. Questions like…Are we alone?…Whats outside of space?…Does space just keep going?…How many dimensions actually are there?…always drive me crazy because we may never know the answers.


Here is a site that I found of an article that explains the age, structure, shape, and expansion that many people wonder about.


Hi! My name is Jacqueline Brocco and I am from Tenafly, New Jersey. I am freshman here at Penn State and I am majoring in Hospitality and Hotel Management. I am not  fan of science but I do not entirely hate the subject. Science can be immensely interesting but on the contrary it can be exceedingly boring. As I was with my advisor scrolling through science classes that did not seem interesting to me, I came across SC 200. This course was ideal for me because its science without all the boring things that come along with learning about science. This course contains the more intriguing parts of science.  Here is an interesting article that explains why the moon turns red during a Total Lunar Eclipse!

TScreen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.07.23 PMhroughout my education I have taken all the basic science classes (physical science, chemistry, biology, etc). My teachers were uninteresting and talked right from the textbook. I wasn’t learning I was just listening. In my senior year of high school I was skeptical about taking a forensic class, but I decided to. My teacher was outstanding and really explained forensics in in-depth detail. I ended up loving the class and that was when I realized that all science is not that bad. I am not a science major due to the fact that I have no passion for science. I am required to take a science class for my major and this one seemed the most fascinating. Im very excited to take this class and to see what I get out of it!

“Not a Math and Science Person”

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Mullahy and I’m from Massachusetts, about forty minutes outside of Boston to be exact. I’m currently a communications major here at Penn State and am hoping to pursue a degree in Journalism or Public Relations. As depicted in the above title, when people ask me why I chose my major, I love to tell them it’s pretty much because I’m “not a math and science person”. Its true. When Andrew asked us to name living scientists, I could actually only think of Bill Nye.0fa6d7e67fb8496991e5c6df0f49f705c8ebb26a3cbe7c2368475ed9e2fc5913

I love english, writing, grammar, history, languages, you name it….but put me in front of a math textbook and I’ll stress the hell out. Surprisingly enough, science was actually my favorite subject up until high school. I enjoyed learning the life and earth sciences and felt intrigued by questioning the world around me. When I started taking Chem and Physics courses is when my enjoyment of the subject faded fast. Perhaps it was because it didn’t come naturally to me, or perhaps it was because I’m not a fan of advanced ethical and mathematical thinking. Even though I generally do not enjoy science, I am excited by the list of topics this class explores.  Some of my favorites include “Are anions gay?” “Why is cancer immortal and you are not?” “Can you catch obesity?” and of course, “Are males toxic?” this is more the type of stuff I want to learn about, questions I want answered.

Outside of life in the classroom, one thing I particularly enjoy is sports. I played basketball and volleyball throughout high school. Tying into this, one of my favorite movies as a kid was the Disney Channel Moive “Ice Princess” about a nerdy girl who turns her passion for science into physical capability and athleticism in the sport of Figure Skating. By figuring out the physics behind the jumps that figure skaters do, she herself was able to complete these jumps and time them correctly according to the laws of friction and momentum.  Here is an article I found that relates to what she was configuring.

I’m not good with titles

Hi Hi,

My name is Jen Malespina and I’m from Park Ridge, NJ. When looking for colleges, my two requirements were 1) that it is a huge school and 2) that football is big deal—obviously Penn State fits that perfectly. I am currently undecided but am choosing between business or communications. I have always excelled at science throughout school but I literally cannot deal with how painfully boring it is, which is why I do not plan to have a career based on it. When switching around my schedule at the last possible second, I saw that there was a seat left in here and decided to take it, especially being that the description included that it was for students not intending to pursue anything further with science.

If there is one thing that I am good at it is complaining so I’ve compiled a list of complaints pertaining to science, giving you an idea of why I don’t plan to study it in the future:

-I can’t stand the sight of blood, intestines, anything medical related

-Space scares me

-Gravity is annoying


-Einstein seemed like a chill guy (not a complaint, just throwing that out there)

-Bill Nye is creepy

-Almost every science teacher I’ve had barely spoke English and liked to yell a lot

-Climate Change/ Global Warming/ whatever you want to call it, scares me

-Meteorologists are only right like 40% of the time

-I never got to make a volcano in science class

science dog

Here‘s a link to some more logical reasoning as why science is so boring

To Science or Not to Science

HELLO ALL, my name is Audrey Sakhnovsky and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a sophomore double majoring in Print Journalism and English with a minor in Psychology. I am in this SC 200 course because I needed another GN, this one fit into my schedule, and the course material actually looked exciting.

Although I have no intention of being a science major, I never truly disliked science. The issue was that science always seemed to be the class I had to try the hardest in, as it was difficult for me to wrap my head around it or feel that I would need it in my everyday life. I always liked my history and English classes more. The one time I felt that I was enjoying my science course was when I opted to take the Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology class and I loved it. For once I was motivated by the course itself mainly due to the large relevance of the content. Although I loved it, I knew I could never become a nurse or a doctor of any kind, so I opted for the other subject I was good at: writing.

What I imagine what being a doctor is like

In looking at the way this course is configured and seeing as how many people wanted to learn more about climate change (as exhibited from the first day of class), I wanted to bring up the topic of how rising sea levels could mean our cities will be underwater in the near future. Here is a link discussing the possible outcomes of global warming on our coastal cities. It’s something I definitely would want to learn more about in this class.


Hello SC200 friends! My name is Emma Lepore and I am a freshman living in the damp halls of East. I came from a small town about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia called Lafayette Hill. I am in the College of Communications on track to be an Advertising major, but I have to keep a 3.5 gpa to actually declare the major after sophomore year. The reason I chose this course was honestly because I wasn’t trying to take the other gen ed class about bees. However, now that I actually saw the syllabus and have a better idea what this class is about, I’m super interested and kinda excited. It’s not that I don’t like science; I actually love it. I just happen to not be all that good at it. Yes science is all about asking questions, but I tend to lack the ability to wrap my head around certain concepts. I usually wind up asking too many questions to the point where I hardly actually learn anything because I am too busy questioning it. However, I find science super intriguing and grew up super exposed to it. Both of my parents are doctors and as a kid they always took me to the Franklin Institute in Philly. If you don’t know what the F.I is, it’s legit the coolest science museum in my opinion. Check out this link because it is worth a visit: https://www.fi.edu


Science is interesting but not for me

Hello class!

From grade up until now Science has been my weakest subject, from basic sciences to my Astronomy and Meteorology class I took here at Penn State, I have struggled to overcome the biggest factor for science which is how well do you grasp the subjects of science. Professor Reed said it best when he said, “This class is about teaching you to be literate in Science terminology,” and that’s exactly why I am taking this class so that any future encounter I have with science will not result in me nodding my head while inside my head I look like Homer Simpson when he’s scared


Like my title suggest I find science very interesting and exciting simply reading about the new discoveries Scientist are making everyday is exciting especially astronomy. Now that being said although I find science interesting I do not completely understand it nor find many other fields interesting besides Astronomy so that is why I will never major in any field of science.

Let me know what y’all think!

Science :(

Hi everyone!! My name is Randall Stansbury and I am from Arlington, Massachusetts, a small town just outside of Boston (I have yet to meet a single person from Massachusetts since I’ve been here). I’m in the college of communications, hoping to major in Public Relations or Advertising. I played a bunch of sports in high school, lacrosse being my favorite, but I plan on just staying active and doing intramural sports in college.

I put this class on my schedule without knowing much about it, but I needed a science class and my advisor suggested it. I don’t have any high school science horror story. I had decent teachers and got decent grades but nothing that really caught my interest. For me, memorizing equations and definitions is easy but understanding what I was memorizing was a little harder. Especially when it came to chemistry and biology, I would have all these definitions in my head, and no idea how to put them into practice. It was hard to study something that I didn’t really have any understanding of. CL9321

Senior year of high school I took archeology as my science and it was a complete joke. We would go outside to the front lawn of my high school everyday, and dig holes in the grass. I don’t know what my teacher expected us to find, but all my group found was a crushed up beer can about five inches down. Not only was it kind of pointless, but my high school’s lawn ended up looking something like this. I am really excited for this course because it seems to be more about the real interesting questions of science that make you think, and not just about digging holes in the ground.

Science? No thank you

Hello! My name is Christina Veintimilla and I am from Naples FL. If I am going to be honest I honestly had no expectations for this course. I thought it was going to be a general science class for my gen ed but am happy to find out that this is no ordinary class. When I first received the schedule for the class topics I was pretty excited to find out that we are not going to be talking about ordinary science topics.

You should click this link

I’ve known my whole life that I did not want to study anything science related in college. Although I do enjoy watching National Geographic and Discovery channel documentaries like the cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson, anything beyond that can get boring for me. I’m one of the few of my friends who are not studying medicine because of my dislike for science and since I am a people person I found that Public Relations is more of my forte.


Science? Never heard of her

What’s up everyone? My name is Pete Bott, I am a freshman from Long Hill, New Jersey. I am currently in DUS, because I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. When I was making my schedule at orientation over the summer my advisor told me SC200 is the least sciencey class that I could take. I was all about that.

The only fond memories I have in Science class are building a seltzer rocket for my 4th grade science fair, and convincing my friend to eat the worm we were supposed to be dissecting in 8th grade (formaldehyde and all). The list stops there. I was never into Science because I never thought I would ever have to apply it to anything after I graduated high school. I never had an enthusiastic teacher that planned fun exercises. It was always death by powerpoint, covering the curriculum and the curriculum only. I have high hopes that SC200 will be different from the rest!

Oh, I forgot to mention I like Forrest Gump……..ALOT. Ever wonder what Forrest Gump would be like as a horror movie? Here

Image result for forrest gump ice cream ben and jerrys


Hi, my name is Zach Weissman and I am a freshman from Livingston, New Jersey. Being more of a math person, I always dreaded going to science class in high school. It was a constant memorization of definitions, formulas, and random facts that had just about no significance. How is knowing how photosynthesis works going to help me in life? I also did not like doing labs in science class. My teachers always said that the experiments had to be followed to a “t” in order to get the correct product, and I never understood that. For one, if there is only one right way to do it then what’s the point? Secondly, it was way too structured. The teachers gave step by step instructions on how to complete the lab, which pretty much takes all of the learning out of it. Plus, for whatever reason my high school thought it was a good idea to end lunch 15 minutes early once a week in order to give science classes more time. Needless to say, I will not be a science major here at Penn State. I am currently in DUS and would like to transfer into the Smeal College of Business.

When my temporary advisor told me at NSO that I needed to fulfill a science requirement, my first thought was, “I am not doing science all over again.” After scrolling through some classes that seemed incredibly boring, I stumbled upon SC 200. When I read the description of the class, I originally thought it was more of a current events type class than a science. Knowing this was probably going to be the best option for a science class, I enrolled immediately.

Here’s a list of how well a specific major pays out of college (P.S. business is higher than science).

Science for Harambe

Hey everyone my name is Mike Shevlin and I’m a freshman in the DUS program. I actually know for a fact that I want to do Finance, and I’ve known that since I was about 13, but I had to beat the system by getting accepted into the DUS program first. Science has never been my strong point for several reason. The main reason I’ve never enjoyed or excelled in science is because I have never, in all my years of schooling, had a good science teacher. When picking classes at orientation I was praying to stay clear of any science class, especially one with a lab. When an advisor told me there was a science class literally made for people who don’t like science or don’t want to major in science, I jumped right on it.

While I don’t like science very much, there are some topics that I find pretty interesting, like astronomy. Even though I had an awful Astronomy teacher in high school, I remain interested in things like life on other planets and black holes. Here are some cool facts about black holes that I find pretty interesting (you probably won’t feel the same way). Now, while I have your attention, here is something that is truly important…Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.26.17 PM

Not so “science-y”

Hi SC200! My name is Emma Murphy and I’m a freshman majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. I love kids and plan to pursue a career path working with them, which is why I chose my major. Throughout high school, I always preferred the classes, such as English or Psychology, where I could interact with people and have discussions. My high school psych teacher managed to link my favorite show, Game of Thrones and Psychology together. I’m not interested in a science major because during all of the science classes I’ve taken, I have never felt like I was absorbing the material. I felt like I was just memorizing formulas and facts.

The reason I took SC200 was because it seemed to be the least, “science-y” of the other science GenEd classes I could have taken. When I met with my advisor during the first week of classes, she suggested that I take SC200. After reading the course description, it stood out to me because specifically it is oriented towards non-science people and how science influences our daily lives rather than memorizing formulas that I won’t remember.

Heres a pic of my puppy


Not a science person

Hey everyone, my name is Linghao Yang, and my English name is James. I am from China, and I have been in America for almost 3 years. I am a freshman in DUS, and I want to major in finance later. I am good at chemistry and physics, but I am not really interested in them. And my friends told me that this class is easy and interesting, that’s why I choose this class. (I hate biology, and hope this class has nothing to do with biology..)

I am interested in business, that’s why I don’t want to be in science major. I hope to work in an investment bank in the future. Maybe is because my father and my grandfather both work in bank. It’s pretty cool to see them use money to make money. Hope I can be a successful banker like them, not a person who spend most of his time in his lab(I also hate lab report..)

Here’s a link of some awesome bankers.


Science is good but…

Hey, everyone!

I’m Luyi Yao, an international student coming from China. If you like, you can also call me Megan. And I am a freshmen and have already studied in Penn State since the summer section. The major I choose is Public Relations in College of Communication.

People always think Chinese are good at science and tests. Surely plenty of my friend have chosen Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other professional science courses. The reason I don’t choose them isn’t that I hate science. In fact, in the three years of my high school, I learned Calculus, Chemistry and Biology almost every day due to the limitation of choices. I also had several interesting experiments of those courses. And I am interested in biology because it shows the history and diversity of life on this planet and also demonstrates how creatures can exist and keep living. I found fun in that courses. Indeed, I think science explore the mystery and order of the world, which are really valuable. But except biology, I still have somethings that I want to learn which can help me to achieve my dream, my ideal career, brokerage (entertainment agent). I think I like planning, managing things, and communicating with others. In addition, media and entertainment industries are increasingly developing nowadays. So under this situation, public relations is the most suitable major for me. What’s more, I know that I need to learn much about communication, economy, psychology and statistic, so I do not choose science major.

What’s the reason I take SC200? Actually, in the beginning of selecting courses, I totally had no idea what’s GS course I can take. Therefore, I followed the advice from my advisor and find this course. In the introduction of this course, it presents that students taking this course do not need to have the basic knowledge of science and the course contents will be about interesting things of science. Honestly, this course will be easy and comfort for me and I will not have to spend very much time in studying it.

This link is the music video of a Japanese female idol group, Nogizaka 46.here

The evolution of my disinterest in science.

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Paterra and I am a freshman from Cleveland, Ohio. While scheduling classes my adviser told me I should take a science class my first semester to fulfill a GN requirement. After reading through the class descriptions, SC200 really caught my eye. I dreaded my high school biology class and physics class, and merely put up with my chemistry class. The only science class I seemed to enjoy was my AP environmental science class I took my junior year. This class focused more on modern issues with the world and what we can do to solve these issues.  SC200 appeared to be very similar to this in the sense that we would be looking at modern issues and critically thinking to either solve these issues or simply further examine them. This seemed like a class that I would get real life skills out of and help with my success throughout my college career. My interest for science only goes that far. I do not plan on majoring in a science and I feel that’s for a variety of reasons. One being that I am simply not that interested in certain science fields such as biology or physics but I feel that a bigger reason is how I was taught these subjects. My first real taste of science was freshman year biology. This class was characterized by the immense memorization of formulas and regurgitation of cycles. We would do occasional labs but none of which I enjoyed or saw a practical use for. I believe this is why I loathe almost every science class I have taken. Science has began to spark my interest again due to my heavy interest in sports statistics. Whether it be how the altitude of a baseball stadium effects the flight of the ball or the daily exit velocity/angle of every at bat on any given day, I have found myself interested in science again.mlbf_461919483_th_13


Science rules….not

Hi, my name is Daniel Furey.  I am from Bridgewater New Jersey and I am currently a freshman enrolled in DUS.  I plan to transfer into the Smeal College of business and plan to either study finance or accounting.

I am enrolled in this class because i was looking for a gen science class and my friend recommended this one.  I was originally enrolled in a class about bees which sounded insanely boring.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this class, but after the first two days this class seems to be very interesting and i like the fact that as a class we get to decide what topics we are going to talk about.  I am a fan of the walking dead and saw on the suggested topics about whether a zombie apocalypses could be real so i found this article http://www.cracked.com/article_15643_5-scientific-reasons-zombie-apocalypse-could-actually-happen.htm

I never hated science and was actually planning on majoring in civil engineering but took AP physics my senior year and high school and found that it wasn’t for me. And i gravitated towards business and liked that ever since.  I am in DUS because i am still not 100% sure about business but that is what i am leaning towards


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Science can be fun

What’s up everyone!

My name is Jack Regar, I am a freshman and I am from Harrisburg, PA. It is about an hour and a half away from here and I grew up rooting for Penn State all of my life. I am an intended Recreation Parks and Tourism Management major, specifically the commercial side. I plan to incorporate my love with sports and combine it with business to go into a sports management job.

During high school I always strived in science classes but it was never my favorite subject to learn, so that is why I do not plan to be a science major. I was recommended this course from my academic advisor who told me that everyone likes this course because it is truly a unique way to look at the world. I am excited to see the different concepts we are all going to learn.

In my free time I enjoy doing things that give me leisure. Things that let me get away from my responsibilities and let me enjoy the moment. My summer roommate and I always loved to cliff dive, you can see a short video Here.

Finally, I always enjoyed volunteering at the Special Olympics, so here is a picture of one of my best friends and I after he competed at the Special Olympics.Jared