Say Yes to Science? Maybe after SC200?

Hello, everyone! My name is Yixiao Jiang and I come from Wuhan, China. I am a freshman this year. But it’s my third year to study as an international student in America. And I was in a Catholic School in Boston before. The reason I chose this class is my advisor highly recommended me to take this class. He said I can learn more scientific things that related to my daily life. And I might apply those knowledge to my life. Since I am a realistic person, I chose this class which helps me to gain enough credits in college and might help me in the future.

Furthermore, I am in DUS now, and I want to study risk management in my following college year. Since I do not like to memorize professional terms like chlorophyll, especially studying in a foreign country, I did not choose science as my major. However, I like part of science topics which relates to our life and I am also interested in doing experiments. There is a link below connecting to a YouTube video about 10 Magic and Cool Science Experiments you can do at home. Hope you can enjoy it! I am really looking forward to take this science class which might change my opinion. That is all I want to say. Thank you!!



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  1. Yinghui Huang

    Hi, Yixiao. I have read your blog. With such coincidence, I’m also Chinese and currently in DUS. Why I take SC200 is also advisor’s recommendation. I watched the video you attached. It makes me feel that science is so related to us. Science is everywhere. Sometimes it seems not so serious. I also attach another video about some little experiments which we can do in our home.

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