Whatsup everybody! My name is Ben Tuohey and I am a freshman from right outside of Philadelphia, delco, Garnet Valley if anybody knows where that is. Anyways I am currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. I’m leaning towards Finance, I’m not really to sure though. I have always liked math which is contrasting to a lot of other people. I always felt like I understood it well, enjoyed it and was for some reason, pretty good at it. Pursuing some career in math or the business world is what I hope to do after college.

Science has never really been my forte, Freshman year I somehow got put into Honors Bio.. Big mistake.. I failed pretty much everything in that class and that kind of sealed the fate for any career path in science. When I was picking classes in the summer, I was going down the list, Bio, no way, Chem, not happening, Physics, no thanks. Then my advisor suggested that I looked into this class that was for people who didn’t really like science. A science course for people who don’t like science, sounds good to me.

Coming into the class I didn’t know what to really expect. As we talked about the course and got more into the syllabus, I was very intrigued. It’s cool that we get to learn about what we want and can pretty much pick whatever we want to learn and write about as long as it relates back to science. I find science very interesting, not the parts of a cell and all those chemistry formulas and symbols, but thinking about science is very interesting to me. I think it is cool that a lot of things that function in this world can be related back to science. I am a big sports fan and have always enjoyed the sports science videos.  I’ve always found bits and pieces of my past science classes interesting, but those things always seemed to be less relevant to the teachers. Its interesting to read about how our bodies function and all the little things involved, but never understood why it was necessary to memorize and reproduce for a test grade.

I am hoping to learn the more interesting and fascinating parts of science throughout this course. I hope this class will make science a little more interesting than what I’ve experienced in the past. I’m excited for what this class has in store.5622527_orig

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