Hi, my name is Zach Weissman and I am a freshman from Livingston, New Jersey. Being more of a math person, I always dreaded going to science class in high school. It was a constant memorization of definitions, formulas, and random facts that had just about no significance. How is knowing how photosynthesis works going to help me in life? I also did not like doing labs in science class. My teachers always said that the experiments had to be followed to a “t” in order to get the correct product, and I never understood that. For one, if there is only one right way to do it then what’s the point? Secondly, it was way too structured. The teachers gave step by step instructions on how to complete the lab, which pretty much takes all of the learning out of it. Plus, for whatever reason my high school thought it was a good idea to end lunch 15 minutes early once a week in order to give science classes more time. Needless to say, I will not be a science major here at Penn State. I am currently in DUS and would like to transfer into the Smeal College of Business.

When my temporary advisor told me at NSO that I needed to fulfill a science requirement, my first thought was, “I am not doing science all over again.” After scrolling through some classes that seemed incredibly boring, I stumbled upon SC 200. When I read the description of the class, I originally thought it was more of a current events type class than a science. Knowing this was probably going to be the best option for a science class, I enrolled immediately.

Here’s a list of how well a specific major pays out of college (P.S. business is higher than science).

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