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Hi everyone!! My name is Randall Stansbury and I am from Arlington, Massachusetts, a small town just outside of Boston (I have yet to meet a single person from Massachusetts since I’ve been here). I’m in the college of communications, hoping to major in Public Relations or Advertising. I played a bunch of sports in high school, lacrosse being my favorite, but I plan on just staying active and doing intramural sports in college.

I put this class on my schedule without knowing much about it, but I needed a science class and my advisor suggested it. I don’t have any high school science horror story. I had decent teachers and got decent grades but nothing that really caught my interest. For me, memorizing equations and definitions is easy but understanding what I was memorizing was a little harder. Especially when it came to chemistry and biology, I would have all these definitions in my head, and no idea how to put them into practice. It was hard to study something that I didn’t really have any understanding of. CL9321

Senior year of high school I took archeology as my science and it was a complete joke. We would go outside to the front lawn of my high school everyday, and dig holes in the grass. I don’t know what my teacher expected us to find, but all my group found was a crushed up beer can about five inches down. Not only was it kind of pointless, but my high school’s lawn ended up looking something like this. I am really excited for this course because it seems to be more about the real interesting questions of science that make you think, and not just about digging holes in the ground.

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  1. rvm5523

    I’m from Mass too. I live in Chelmsford which is prob northish of Arlington. I played golf, baseball, and hockey in high school but now I really only play golf here since I’m in the PGM program. I think we are in this class for similar reasons and had a similar experience with science in high school. Here is a link to my town if you’ve never heard of it lol.

  2. zlw5016


    I was in the same boat as you in High-school it’s not that I couldn’t pass the classes or had horrible teachers its the practical application of everything I was learning that I had a hard time grasping. I also played a few sports in High School football being my favorite cause it was great and kept the weight off of me. But I think you are spot on with the reason you put this class down, which is the same as mine in that my advisor told me I still needed a science class to take so I took this one at random and luckily I got a great professor and a great class.

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