Hello SC 200! My name is Joe Kok (last name pronounced like coke) and I am currently a sophomore here at Penn State.  The reason I am taking this course is because i needed another Gen Ed class to finish off my schedule.  While I was browsing all of the available classes I came across this one and it seemed interesting.  What stuck out to me was that in the course description it could be for students with even a loathing for science.  Now I don’t hate science that much but I thought, any science class that could be meant for people who even hate science must be pretty interesting.  So I went ahead and scheduled the class.


I am not planning to be a science major because a lot of science doesn’t really interest me.  My major is called Energy, Business, and Finance.  Some of you may argue that the Energy part of my major counts as science and I wouldn’t really disagree with you but because I don’t have to take chemistry or biology I’m just going to say it doesn’t count.  If you want to learn more about the person I am click here and follow me on twitter.


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  1. tml5323

    Hi Joe!

    I would like to understand why you do not consider energy be apart of science. I have not studied energy since high school, so I am not up-to-date on what is studied in these courses. Do you study physics and climate? A lot of people I know consider physcics as a math course rather than a science class, but I disagree. I think psychics and climate studies are all about the physical science of the world around us. Did you like or dislike biology and chemistry? I wonder if you categorize biology and chemistry as science because the subjects disinterest you. If so, that might be why you do not associate the term science with energy because energy interest you. Do you think this could be true? Just a thought! 🙂
    -Taylor Lender

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