Hi everyone! My name is Kate Billings and I’m a freshman from Wayne, Pennsylvania, which is about thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia. I’m currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. I am not sure what I want to major in yet but I’m very interested in Psychology and Human development. I will most likely transfer into the health and human development school or the liberal arts school. Science and math have always been my least favorite subjects in school ever since I can remember.I have always hated science a little more than math, and didn’t want to take a biology, chemistry or physics class in college so my advisor recommended that I look at this class. I have no plans on being a science major and need a science gen-ed so this class seemed like a good fit. When I read the description I thought it was very intruiging and would help me work on my critical thinking skills.

I think in this class we will learn about interesting concepts and think about science in a new way. I have always felt that the way science is taught in High School isn’t taught effectively. All throughout my years in High School I was just memorizing formulas, people and vocabulary without really understanding concepts. click here to read more about how the way we approach teaching science isn’t effective.


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  1. mbd5367

    I have found science and math classes to be especially difficult too. I have also found that the way in which many educators go about teaching science has proven to be ineffective as students become more accustomed to memorizing formulas and equations rather than actually learning. Here is an article you might find interesting as it talks about effective ways in which science teachers can teach science:

  2. Elsa Ann Breakey

    Science and math have always been my least favorite too. I think it definitely had something to do with the way I was taught both of the subjects – or maybe its just the way I’m wired. I like the link you provided and thought it shed some light on a topic that needs to be addressed/fixed!

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