Hi everyone, my name is Jennafer Palmer. I’m a senior and I’m taking this class to fulfill my last GS requirement. As an English major and Theatre minor, I have always had a respect for math and science and at the same time I have always kept it at arm’s length through my career as a student. I will say though that I have more of a respect for science than math(which I detest with every fiber of my being). I like learning things that involve science like in documentaries. And occasionally blowing things up in my high school chemistry class, those were fun times. I thought this class would be interesting though because it didn’t seem like a typical science class where there are right and wrong answers that revolve around formulas. My favorite thing to learn about when it comes to science are Dinosaurs. Yes, I said it. Freshman year I took a class called “Dinosaur Extinction and Other Controversies”. I loved the class but the only downside is that we didn’t actually talk about dinosaurs till week 14 of the semester. But everything that we learned leading up to that week was very interesting and I did well in the class considering that’s the first time I ever took a class like that and it pushed my level of thinking. Anyway, I love Dinosaurs and have since I was little. At one point I wanted to be a paleontologist, but decided that studying dinosaurs is something that I should leave as a hobby for when I need a break from writing. So yes is you’re wondering I love Land Before Time, all the Jurassic Park movies and the original and updated versions of Godzilla. I know they are just movies and certain accuracies are stretched for the sake of entertainment but it’s interesting how accurate and inaccurate the dinosaurs are compared to the time period portrayed in the movie. If I were to be a science major I think it would take the fun out of the things that I admire the most about science. I respect those that study and teach it for a living. As for me, I will continue to love it at a distance and do my independent research on the parts of science I personally love.

Jurassic Park

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