Science can be fun

What’s up everyone!

My name is Jack Regar, I am a freshman and I am from Harrisburg, PA. It is about an hour and a half away from here and I grew up rooting for Penn State all of my life. I am an intended Recreation Parks and Tourism Management major, specifically the commercial side. I plan to incorporate my love with sports and combine it with business to go into a sports management job.

During high school I always strived in science classes but it was never my favorite subject to learn, so that is why I do not plan to be a science major. I was recommended this course from my academic advisor who told me that everyone likes this course because it is truly a unique way to look at the world. I am excited to see the different concepts we are all going to learn.

In my free time I enjoy doing things that give me leisure. Things that let me get away from my responsibilities and let me enjoy the moment. My summer roommate and I always loved to cliff dive, you can see a short video Here.

Finally, I always enjoyed volunteering at the Special Olympics, so here is a picture of one of my best friends and I after he competed at the Special Olympics.Jared

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  1. Devon Alanna Green

    Hi in my last comment I tried to add the live link i had but the site wouldn’t allow me to edit so I am just going to try and add it here . hopefully it all works, sorry for leaving so many comments.

  2. Devon Alanna Green

    Hi Jack I’m Devon and I’m also a freshman! i thought it was really cool that you went to the special olympics to support your friend cause i can relate. In high school I was part of the peer buddy program where I got to work with disabled students and help them in school and their social life. Through this I was part of my schools bocce team where disabled and non-disabled students played against other schools in our area. It was an amazing experience to be able to meet the amazing kids in the program and eventually call them my friends.

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