Science can’t be that bad

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Gluck and I am a freshman here at Penn State but I am originally from Connecticut. Im am currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies but I am interested in switching into the communications school. Ive chosen this route because science has never been one of my strong subjects. I have learned that memorizing chemical formulas or equations is not my thing, which is why I chose this science class over other ones. I am interested in the science in the contemporary media and the science in our daily lives. Looking at the class schedule I see a few topics that interest me and I am excited to learn about.


^^^ That’s what I look like when people ask me to memorize formulas or equations.  That being said some sciencey things that don’t involve equations do interest me. Space is one of those things. Sometimes it scares me when people talk about how small we are in perspective and how we basically mean nothing but it does amaze me. Last year I watched Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos documentary on space and it really played weird tricks on my mind but for some reason I couldn’t stop watching. So HERE are some cool space facts that I found interesting.

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  1. sjb6039

    I love the picture you attached because that I honestly how I feel trying to memorize formulas. Although I have never gotten to learn much about space, the concept itself is interesting, especially stars.

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