Science doesn’t click with me

Hi, my name is Andie Sullivan and I’m a sophomore majoring in business, most likely accounting or finance. Honestly, I chose this course because a friend of mine told me it was an easy gen ed and that the professor was cool. I wanted to take a really easy science course since it has always been my least favorite subject. It has also been something I’ve never been good at either, so something like Chemistry or Biology would have been a disaster.

What really turned me off about science in elementary, middle, and high school were the teachers. Throughout that time I only had one science teacher that made it interesting and as exciting as science could be to me. This was in seventh grade and I never had anyone that compared to him. It’s annoying that this is case because maybe I could’ve loved science if I had the right teachers. However, the content has never been something that has clicked with me but who knows what could’ve been different if my teachers were different. But HERE is an article about scientific stories from 2015 you might have missed which I found interesting.  Otherwise this is my general feeling towards science:confused

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  1. aac5531

    It’s interesting you have only ever had one good science teacher. My situation prior to college was exactly the same! I also think maybe if I had better teachers I would have gravitated towards science more. I really enjoyed the article you posted and the wide range of topics it discussed.
    Above is a link to an article that goes further into depth on the “kill switch” that kills GMOs.

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