Science = Dope Cat Memes

Hi everyone my name is Marielle and I’m a sophomore from Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
I don’t really consider myself much of a “science person”, so when I saw SC200, a course designed for those not necessarily interested in science, I was definitely intrigued. Plus I still needed to fulfill a GN so this was the perfect solution.
I remember dreading science class everyday in high school, I never felt fully engaged in the class. However I think most of that was due to how the class was structured. Most of my teachers would spit out facts for us to copy down. We were never asked to think critically about scientific questions. Even during labs, we would receive a list of instructions, and a detailed description of the desired result. If our results didn’t match the description our teacher would correct the mistake for us. We weren’t challenged to come up with the solution on our own.
That being said I am very optimistic about this class so far. Just by looking at the calendar and the topics we will be covering I can already tell that we will talk about things not covered in my past science classes so I’m excited to see what lies ahead.
With all of that being said, I think it is pretty clear why I do not plan on being a science major. I simply just am not that interested in science. I definitely have an appreciation for science and its complexity (such as the things presented in this Buzzfeed video ), but building a career around it is not ideal.
I’m looking forward to this year and to seeing what SC200 is all about. Also here’s a dope cat meme because science can be funny too..

4 thoughts on “Science = Dope Cat Memes

  1. rka5098

    Was drawn to your post by the mention of cat memes, so here’s a science-based video I found of why cats are weird (but of course so great & lovable)..

  2. afb5274

    Hola amigo. I too am a sophomore. I was looking at the schedule and the things that we will be discussing in this class and I’m really excited too. It sounds like actually interesting stuff that we will remember instead of having to memorize and regurgitate! I specifically like the week of November 3rd. I’m excited to see where that leads hahah. The cat meme is greatly appreciated I hope there will be more to come- I personally put a LOTR meme on my post, although it had nothing to do with this class it made me laugh. Here is the song I am listening to as I comment on your post.

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