Science Excitement

Hi everyone!

My name is Colleen McShea and I’m a freshman from Philadelphia (yes, ACTUALLY from northeast Philadelphia, not an hour outside of Philly!). I’m in DUS at the moment because I’m way too indecisive to choose what I would like to do for the rest of my life. Just like the rest of you, I was told to take this class because of the fact that I was never really into science. To be honest, I was never any good at it, which is why I am not planning to be a science major. The only science class I can honestly say held my interest was my anatomy/physiology class in my senior year of high school. Despite my past feelings about science, I am pretty excited about this class because I feel as if we will be taking a whole new approach to science and I’m hoping that just maybe I’ll start to enjoy the subject a little more! I hope the same happens for all of you as well! Good luck in your first semester 🙂


This is my three year old nephew, Beckett, who has just overcome his third open heart surgery! Beckett was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, also known as hlhs, which means that the left side of his heart is completely underdeveloped. His first surgery was done at just 13 hours old, the second at 5 months, and the third was done on August 17th. The surgeries reconstructed pathways and rerouted the blood to the right side of his heart so it could be pumped out to his body. Today he is a strong, happy, healthy little man! I always enjoy sharing his story because he is the strongest little boy I’ve ever met and he makes me proud to be his aunt 🙂

Last but not least, here is a video of my high school cheerleading team on ESPN after winning second in the nation in 2013.

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