Science for Harambe

Hey everyone my name is Mike Shevlin and I’m a freshman in the DUS program. I actually know for a fact that I want to do Finance, and I’ve known that since I was about 13, but I had to beat the system by getting accepted into the DUS program first. Science has never been my strong point for several reason. The main reason I’ve never enjoyed or excelled in science is because I have never, in all my years of schooling, had a good science teacher. When picking classes at orientation I was praying to stay clear of any science class, especially one with a lab. When an advisor told me there was a science class literally made for people who don’t like science or don’t want to major in science, I jumped right on it.

While I don’t like science very much, there are some topics that I find pretty interesting, like¬†astronomy. Even though I had an awful Astronomy teacher in high school, I remain interested in things like life on other planets and black holes. Here are some cool facts about black holes that I find pretty interesting (you probably won’t feel the same way). Now, while I have your attention, here is something that is truly important…Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.26.17 PM

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