Science: Interesting…but not good at it

Hey everyone my name is Patrick Ryan and I am a freshman from Monroe, CT. I am currently in the division of undergraduate studies, but I am leaning towards going into something with business. I am a big sports fan, my favorite being baseball. I hope I can combine sports and business into my future job.

I’ve always thought science was interesting, but I was never really all that good at it. Realizing that I was only average at science in high school, I decided to schedule my courses this year towards business. My initial thought was just to find a science class that filled in my gen-ed requirement, but after listening to Andrew talk about the class this past week, I am actually excited to learn more about these future topics we’ll cover.

I love and hate letting my mind run on the topic of space and all about it. I have so many questions about it, but I know they most likely will not be answered during my time. Questions like…Are we alone?…Whats outside of space?…Does space just keep going?…How many dimensions actually are there?…always drive me crazy because we may never know the answers.


Here is a site that I found of an article that explains the age, structure, shape, and expansion that many people wonder about.

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