Science is alright :-/

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My name is Maddy Peikin and I’m from North Wales, PA, which is a small town located in the suburbs near Philadelphia. I have always found myself to be more of an English/History person rather than a Science/Math person. I was not always extremely disinterested in science. In fact, I remember actually enjoying science class in grade school.  I cannot recall exactly when my interest in the subject began to decrease, but I’m sure it was around the time when things began to get more difficult and science was no longer just about memorizing definitions and facts. Although I have never been particularly good at science, I constantly find myself amazed at some of the things science involves. Simple things such as looking at the stars at night or turning off my light at night always cause me to reflect on how it all came to be. I am interested in how things work and what causes them to do the things they do, but I have never enjoyed actually going into detail about these things. After taking biology in high school, I came to the solid conclusion that science would probably never be my “thing.” Often times, science involves math and numbers. I hate math.. and numbers.. so I do not think science has ever come naturally for me. After reviewing the wide variety of topics that we will cover in Science 200, I found myself to be more excited for the course than I had expected!

One science topic that I have always been exceptionally interested in is the topic of chemotherapy.  I don’t know much about chemotherapy, but after being asked to think about a specific topic we are interested in, chemotherapy was the first thing that came to mind. The only thing I really knew about chemotherapy before looking into it was the fact that it attempts to destroy cancer cells in the body. After reading this article and looking more into the topic, I was amazed at all of the things I learned. here is a nice little link for you all to enjoy.




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  1. Andie Lynn Sullivan

    I like the link you posted because no one really thinks about the details or history of chemotherapy even though everyone has heard about. We just focus on the fact that it’s a great thing that helps to treat a terrible disease but it’s cool see more about it. Also, your picture made me laugh.

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