Science is cool, but numbers are boring

Hey, I’m Brian Cunningham.
I’ve always been interested in the way the world works, and the ways the world COULD work in the future depending on how things happen. That being said, I’ve always been more on the sensible description vs. the mathematical calculation to determine those sorts of things. As a result of that, I hardly even considered the idea of majoring in science simply due to the requirements in math and calculations that I would get too bored and distracted to complete thoroughly. However, I’m hoping this course takes a look at the side which I prefer, and simply uses the ideas of science in the world around us to explain things, as opposed to predictions based on equation after equation.
So I’m happy to skip all of the research and concise formulations of hypotheses to just look at what it actually means to me, and why.
Also, if you’re looking for a great show with no boring math or equations involved, check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Best show on TV. And it’s on Netflix.

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