Science is cool, when you get it…


Hi everyone,

My name is Lindsay Jimeson. I am a senior, majoring in CAS and WMST. I was born and raised in State College, so PSU has been in my blood from day one! One little thing about me is thatI am a returning adult student! I have a degree in spa managment and I also have my own small business. I wanted to go back to Penn State becuse it was always a dream of mine since I was a little girl. It took me 12 years to finally get back into school after my first degree, and although I’m a senior, I can say I still get nervous on the first day!

I love the body and totaly get into sports performance and physical training. Given that, there is a lot of science related to that. It can be anything from your daily diet, to learning how to tape an athletes hand before going into play. So nedless to say, science plays a big rols in how my mind is shaped on a daily basis! Another thing I love is being outdoors and being surrounded by nature. There is nothing better than going out into the woods with some friends and exploring!

Another way I invest a lot of my life with science is my love of water sports. I just might be the only person in PA who ownes a surfbord, not to mention numerous kayaks and hopefully a paddle board in the near furture! The whole idea of ocean currents, how it moves it simply amazing and not taken for granted. Along with that is the flow of rivers and channels that are consistanly changing based on floods and droughts… and also how the environment around them both changes on the daily!

Lastly, animals have and will always be a love of mine. I have to fur babies of my own who are incredibly spoiled, yet somehow, they have learned my patterns and have adapted to my crazy lifestyle over the past few years! They are smarter than what most would think! They know the sound of my car when I pull in the drive and also will be waiting, looking out the front window, expecting me to be home at my normal times. I have even set up a camera just to see what they do while Im away! Pretty Funny Stuff!!!!

In closing, Science is great and all around us, I totally get it! I just wish I knew how to apply it a little better in my daily life, and even help my family do the same! I am also posting a picture of my pups because, why not! I hope this class makes it easier for me to articulate and understand how great science can be, not only for myself but others as well. I also hope I get a little more creative with my blogs, the struggle is real! Thanks for your time and attention with my 1st blog, see you all in class!  P.s. Can’t get my link up so heres what I got, better than nothing! Sorry 🙁

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