Science is Cool

Hey ~ My name is Rebecca Aronow and I’m a sophomore Integrative Arts major from outside Philly. The straightforward/simple answer to why I’m taking this course is because I need to fulfill the Science GenEd requirement. I chose this specific science course because it 1) seemed to involve the least amount of “typical” science and 2) actually sounded interesting and engaging to my science-loathing self. I actually find the earth around me incredibly awesome but most science classes don’t teach us the cool parts of science, like this, but the basic memorizable parts that don’t actually affect me/my life perspective. This course seems like it will do the exact opposite: challenge me to critically think about myself and my surroundings and allow me to actually engage in science instead of just observe what others before me have already discovered.

I’m not planning on being a Science major because I do not historically enjoy science or math based courses and have never been very good at them. fa5

I also desire to be in a more art based field such as photography, graphic design, concert/event planning etc. These things have pretty much nothing to do with science.

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