Science is good but…

Hey, everyone!

I’m Luyi Yao, an international student coming from China. If you like, you can also call me Megan. And I am a freshmen and have already studied in Penn State since the summer section. The major I choose is Public Relations in College of Communication.

People always think Chinese are good at science and tests. Surely plenty of my friend have chosen Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other professional science courses. The reason I don’t choose them isn’t that I hate science. In fact, in the three years of my high school, I learned Calculus, Chemistry and Biology almost every day due to the limitation of choices. I also had several interesting experiments of those courses. And I am interested in biology because it shows the history and diversity of life on this planet and also demonstrates how creatures can exist and keep living. I found fun in that courses. Indeed, I think science explore the mystery and order of the world, which are really valuable. But except biology, I still have somethings that I want to learn which can help me to achieve my dream, my ideal career, brokerage (entertainment agent). I think I like planning, managing things, and communicating with others. In addition, media and entertainment industries are increasingly developing nowadays. So under this situation, public relations is the most suitable major for me. What’s more, I know that I need to learn much about communication, economy, psychology and statistic, so I do not choose science major.

What’s the reason I take SC200? Actually, in the beginning of selecting courses, I totally had no idea what’s GS course I can take. Therefore, I followed the advice from my advisor and find this course. In the introduction of this course, it presents that students taking this course do not need to have the basic knowledge of science and the course contents will be about interesting things of science. Honestly, this course will be easy and comfort for me and I will not have to spend very much time in studying it.

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