Hi! Everyone!

My name is Yiwei (Bree) Wang, and I am a freshman at Penn State:) Shout out to all the new freshmen! I am from Qingdao, a bustling coastal city in the east of China which contains all my childhood memories and is also the city where Olympics’s sailing race happened at. I am currently a freshman in the college of communication with an intended major in       Telecommunication.

The reason why I choose this class is not only to fulfill a GN requirement but to challenge myself. The funny thing about my family is that both my parents and my grandparents are really talented in the field of science/math, but somehow this did not happen on me. I clearly remembered my junior year in high school when I took chemistry and AP Biology the same time. to be honest, it did not turn out the way I expected at all. When I first started choosing my classes, I thought it would be okay if I try and work harder, but I guess chemistry and biology are just not my “thing”. I stayed up everyday trying to remember all the professional terms and definitions, but it just never worked for me. So during the orientation, I took the longest time deciding which science class I should take. When I found out that this class does not only learn about science but critical thinking, I knew that I found the right one for me because this way I can challenging myself by learning science and critical thinking the same time.

During the past few years, the power of internet and mass media has taken over the world such as Facebook and Instagram… So this made me developed a huge passion towards the development of the internet, movies and films. This is also why I choose to study Telecommunication instead of science.

Science, to me, is mysterious and challenging. It seems to me that science is everywhere, and this is what makes it so interesting but mysterious because you might never know that it exists.


I am really excited to take this course and looking forward to have a wonderful year!



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  1. Imaani Allen

    Hi Bree I enjoyed reading your blog post; I am a Broadcast Journalism major. Here is a linkhttp://comm.psu.edu/current to all of the student organizations within the College of Communications. I strongly advised that you start getting involved now so you can start building up your resume. There will be a COMM involvement fair today at the HUB from 4-6 pm. If you want to talk to a representative face to face.

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