Hi! My name is Jacqueline Brocco and I am from Tenafly, New Jersey. I am freshman here at Penn State and I am majoring in Hospitality and Hotel Management. I am not  fan of science but I do not entirely hate the subject. Science can be immensely interesting but on the contrary it can be exceedingly boring. As I was with my advisor scrolling through science classes that did not seem interesting to me, I came across SC 200. This course was ideal for me because its science without all the boring things that come along with learning about science. This course contains the more intriguing parts of science.  Here is an interesting article that explains why the moon turns red during a Total Lunar Eclipse!

TScreen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.07.23 PMhroughout my education I have taken all the basic science classes (physical science, chemistry, biology, etc). My teachers were uninteresting and talked right from the textbook. I wasn’t learning I was just listening. In my senior year of high school I was skeptical about taking a forensic class, but I decided to. My teacher was outstanding and really explained forensics in in-depth detail. I ended up loving the class and that was when I realized that all science is not that bad. I am not a science major due to the fact that I have no passion for science. I am required to take a science class for my major and this one seemed the most fascinating. Im very excited to take this class and to see what I get out of it!

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  1. Zachary Weissman

    Hey Jacqueline I completely agree with you. My chemistry and biology teachers were boring and taught directly out of the textbook too. I also think that this course will be interesting and hopefully we’re right. Since you think lunar eclipses are cool, here are some pictures of them.

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