Science Is Not My Thing

Hi everyone, my name is Sydney Brougher and I am a freshman.  I am from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but I live closer to Hershey which is where Hershey’s Chocolate is made and the amusement park Hershey Park is located.  I am currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies but I plan to study either business finance or accounting.  Although I enjoy math I have no interest in science at all and do not plan on becoming a science major.  In high school I hated going to science class because the topics of biology and chemistry did not interest me which caused me to struggle.  I did not enjoy doing labs because I never knew what I was doing, and learning about animals and the body in general was not appealing to me.  I would prefer to stick to the business side of math rather than the science aspect of it.

At orientation my advisor recommended that I take a science class and specifically recommended this class to meet my general education requirements.  She said she had heard from many students that they enjoyed this class and when I read the class description stating that this was a class for people who don’t like science I knew this was the right class for me.  I like that this class is target more towards teaching us about topics we want to learn about and information that would not be covered in other science classes. The topics that we have covered so far in class have already been more interesting to me than any other science class I have taken and I am looking forward to learning more while challenging myself at the same time.    spongebob image

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  1. jmr6455

    Hey Sydney, I am also from the Harrisburg area, most specifically Mechanicsburg. My mom works for Hershey’s foods in Hershey so I am always around the area. If you didn’t know, they just released a new form of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which you can see

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