Science Isn’t My Thing

Hi everyone!

My name is Elsa Breakey and I’m currently a freshman from Pittsburgh, PA. I am in the Division of Undergraduate Studies but I hope to get into Smeal and pursue some type of business degree – not totally sure what that will be yet. I chose this course because I needed to fulfill the science requirement and there wasn’t any chance I was taking a bio, chem, or physics class, or anything that had to deal with astronomy. My advisor recommended this course to fulfill the gen-ed and to get me thinking in a different way – I’m very excited to get deeper into this class.

When I was little, I always wanted to be a doctor…that dream ended after freshman year advanced biology. I always was so interested in the human body and functions until I had to sit through a semester of pointless labs and lectures that didn’t make sense to me. I also realized that being a doctor would be cool and everything, but it’s too much school for me. I am very undecided about what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I know science isn’t going to be a part of it.

Along with the human body and functions of it, I have always been interested in the way drugs affect the brain. Although maybe a strange thing to be intrigued by, it’s relevant where I grew up. In Greensburg, about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, there was a huge drug problem – heroin specifically. Lots of overdoses and deaths came from the horrendous drug, even my sister lost one of her closest friends to it. It was tragic, but the fact that it was so addicting after one use caught my attention. For some more information on how heroin affects the brain, click here.


6 thoughts on “Science Isn’t My Thing

  1. Evan Michael Wentzel

    The affects that drugs can have on your brain is a very interesting as well as important topic that I also hope to learn more about. I think that further research in drugs could potentially be very helpful to people struggling with addiction and to help educate people of the potential dangers of drug use.

  2. Alexandra Nicole Iaccino

    I read the article on heroin and found it really interesting. I remember learning about heroin and other addictive drugs during a health class in my high school. We even had recovering addicts come to our class to talk about their experiences. It really is tragic how the drug affects people and I’m also interested in learning more about it to possibly help people who are struggling.

    I also found this article that follows up on your article about the effects of heroin on the brain.

  3. Jafit Ting

    I’m also really interested on how drugs affect human brain especially from psychological aspect. I volunteered in a rehab center in Thailand last year and I would like to learn more about it so i can really help those people in the future. Here’s an article about how drugs affect mental health.

  4. jcr5533

    I too am interested in the way drugs effect your brain. I have done a project on DMT before and how that effects you mentally. If you ever want to see it just email me, I just have to do some digging around in my computer to find it.

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