Science made me change my major

Hi everyone my name is Imaani; I am junior majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I am from Philadelphia, and I am a change of campus student (Two years at Penn State Abington ).  I was  pre-med my  freshman year but after taking  a few science and math courses I realized that it was not right fit  for me. Sophomore year I joined the school newspaper and that’s when I decided that journalism was the career that I wanted to pursue . The science classes that I took in college were awful . It consisted of these three things note taking, exams and tears . The course SC200 looked different than other science courses. I saw the word controversy and that really got my attention.  Science isn’t my favorite subject  but it is still very interesting  . I particularly like learning about animals, and my favorite animal  is the alligator. They are the closest relative to the dinosaurs that’s pretty cool in my book. Alligator

5 thoughts on “Science made me change my major

  1. Brian Russell Cunningham

    Hey Imaani, I’m also currently in Broadcast Journalism, and believe it or not, I considered something in the medical field for a while too, but I never actually started in it because I already knew I wouldn’t be able to get through the math and science aspect. I’m glad you found something that suits your interest better.
    On the topic of alligator-like reptiles, I’d say my favorite subspecies are Kremlings.

  2. Colleen Bridget Mcshea

    Hey Imaani!

    My name is Colleen and I’m right there with you with the whole science = lots of tears thing. Definitely not my strongest subject!

    I’m also from Philadelphia so since you said you like alligators, I figured I’d share this cute picture of a baby alligator riding on his mother’s head with my fellow Philadelphian. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. tvm5470

    Okay, so we’re both into journalism? Dope.
    The word ‘controversy’ sparked you, too? Dope.

    I definitely wanted to take this course because it wasn’t completely related to science. My science classes in high school were so irritating. I loved Physics for some unusual reason. I don’t know if it was just the teacher that made it interesting, but I never had an academic issue with science. I just hated it.

    Animals? I like dogs. They’re smart.

  4. Christian Micaiah Duncan

    Like you, I also discovered my freshman year that science would not be the right fit for me. Before I even came to Penn State, I was accepted at Ohio University for pre-med and also decided that it wasn’t what I truly wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until my junior year that I declared my major and actually felt confident about it. Though science is not my favorite subject, I do recognize its importance and how crucial it is to everyday life. Animals have always interested me as well, even as a young child. I always enjoyed reading about spiders and other arachnids.

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