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My name is Raegan Pechar and I’m a freshman from Bethlehem, PA. I am in the College of Communications and majoring (hopefully, but probably subject to change) in digital and print journalism. I’ve despised science classes since I could remember, except one time in the third grade we dissected owl pellets.. that was pretty cool. Other than that, I really struggled with my science classes much more than my other courses because I just couldn’t understand without hours of cramming and memorizing equations and formulas. I took AP Physics my junior year and let me tell ya, worst decision ever (though I can tell you what e=mc2 is).  My English courses focused on digging deep into the material, and consisted of understanding the subject, rather than testing well. I’ve always loved that.

I stumbled upon this course thanks to orientation and the help of my academic advisor. I explained to her my loathing of science and that I could not possibly bear another semester of regurgitating formulas. I truly did not know what to expect when entering the class, considering a friend of mine took a dinosaur gen-ed her freshman year here at PSU and still swears that to this day was one of the hardest courses she’s ever taken (she transferred to Cornell her sophomore year). The topics of discussion on the syllabus are extremely intriguing, and I really value that the course is molded from what we are interested in exploring.

In other news, it’s been a little over a week since I left from home and my mom has already adopted a kitten as my replacement (I was an only child). She calls him Leo the Lion.



Also, if you happened to miss Beyonce’s performance at the VMA’s… I am doing you a favor by linking this.

If you’re not a Yonce fan (your loss), here’s an article on 20 big questions in science.

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  1. Yiwei Wang

    Hi! I am also a freshman in the college of communication! And I literally felt the same way when I made the decision of taking AP Biology during my junior year of high school… I struggled a lot to be honest lol…
    By the way, I am a huge Beyonce fan, too!!! Here’s a link to her official website:”“>Beyonce<

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