Science rules….not

Hi, my name is Daniel Furey.  I am from Bridgewater New Jersey and I am currently a freshman enrolled in DUS.  I plan to transfer into the Smeal College of business and plan to either study finance or accounting.

I am enrolled in this class because i was looking for a gen science class and my friend recommended this one.  I was originally enrolled in a class about bees which sounded insanely boring.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this class, but after the first two days this class seems to be very interesting and i like the fact that as a class we get to decide what topics we are going to talk about.  I am a fan of the walking dead and saw on the suggested topics about whether a zombie apocalypses could be real so i found this article

I never hated science and was actually planning on majoring in civil engineering but took AP physics my senior year and high school and found that it wasn’t for me. And i gravitated towards business and liked that ever since.  I am in DUS because i am still not 100% sure about business but that is what i am leaning towards


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  1. Michael Gerard Shevlin

    I’m also DUS looking to do finance. It’s definitely the difficult route to take but it’ll pay off in the end. In regards to the zombie apocalypse, I’ve thought long and hard about it and I’m convinced it’s a realistic possibility. However, many scientists believe that, without proper human functions (like killing animals), zombies will have far too many predators.

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