Shout Out To Chem H For Ending My Science Career

Hello, my name is Samantha Liebensohn and I am from Westchester New York. It’s not the city, it’s not farmland, it’s just typical suburbia. I am currently a sophomore here at Penn State in the College of Communications, with an intended major in Public Relations and a minor in business and international affairs.


The reason I am not planning on being a science major goes back all the way to the good old days of sophomore year in high school. Well actually, the not so good days if we’re being honest. I took Chemistry honors with a hopeful and open mind of the science world. But then I actually had to take the class and learn the material. I literally could not tell you one thing I learned from that class, not from a lack of studying or from not doing the work but seriously because I could not understand anything from the material. I almost felt bad for my teacher because I was constantly going SC200blog1.2in during lunch or staying after school for extra help but still to no prevail I could not digest the information. Which leads us to this blog post. I am not a science person, I do not do well in labs, or memorizing formulas. My brain just doesn’t work like that. Which is why when I heard about SC 200 a class about critical thinking, a science class for non science majors I knew it was for me. It would introduce me to important topics that I would love to be knowledgeable on and push me to think in ways that I haven’t before. I was excited to not feel dumb in a science classroom and yearned for the satisfaction of actually learning something science related.

Whether it was Andrew’s accent or the openness in the lecture hall i am confident that this class is for me. I am looking forward to what this semester will bring.


5 thoughts on “Shout Out To Chem H For Ending My Science Career

  1. Amily Zhuang

    Same Chemistry experience in high school!! Except my teacher refused to help anybody because we were supposed to “use our peers.”

    The only thing I really like in Chem was watching Bill Nye videos! Here is a link

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