Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Sciancalepore and I am a freshman from Randolph, NJ, just about an hour from New York City and a 3 hour car ride to good ol’ State College. I am currently in the College of Communications with many avenues I can pursue further down the line. Although I do not have a clear intent to do a certain career, I know I definitely want to be involved with sports. Speaking of sports, here’s a really cool video about the science behind the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, check it out:


I am going to be completely honest here,  I am NOT a science person. The only reason why I am taking this class because my advisor told me that this science class might be the only one that I could possibly be good at.  However, after the first couple of classes, I feel as f it might be a change. But, I do not know what to expect and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

I’ve never really had a great relationship with science. It’s never been a consistent like for myself. It’s either I understand something or I am completely lost within the context.  Hopefully, this course can be understanding to myself and also be enjoyable at the same time.



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