Sports are Better than Science

Hi guys my name is Dylan Huberman and like most of you, science and I have never gotten along. I have always loved sports, both playing and watching, and my life wouldn’t be the same without them. I merged that with my other interests, television and journalism, and have been set to pursue a career in sports journalism as a broadcaster, writer or maybe a little of both.

Getting to my interest in taking this course, I have always found science interesting but not the way it was taught in schools, which is something horribleĀ like this. However, I love ethical dilemmas and learning the differences between fact and fiction (at least my inner journalist does). SC 200 gives me an opportunity to actually somewhat enjoy a science class for once in my life and actually learn something that I may actually come across once I complete the course.

That being said, in all honesty, I just am not that interested in science. Learning about the elements on the periodic table or attempting to melt a piece of metal with some mixture cooked up in a lab doesn’t float my boat. I’d rather watch people do crazy things like this and get paid to write/talk about it. That’s just what I love and although some physicist out there has probably come up with an equation that explains how Odell Beckham Jr. made this play, I just have zero interest in learning what it is.

Odell Beckham Jr.

3 thoughts on “Sports are Better than Science

  1. jtc5289

    Hey Dylan, I’m not much of a science fan either, but I do love sports like you. The one time I really get into science is when I wacth ESPN’s Sports Science. I think it is every interesting how they can find out everything about the athletes while they perform. Finding heart rate, power, speed, and all in between.

  2. jwr5600

    After reading your post Dylan, I have found we are similar in many ways. One being we both love sports, and another being we hate how science is taught in school. I have always wondered how these receivers are able to make those spectacular catches. Maybe watching this video will help you and me understand more about how Odell made that catch above.

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