Sup Guys

My name is Jarrod and I am a sophomore and a Health Policy and Administration major. During my last semester when I was applying for classes I was put on weight list for Accounting and thought I would make it in the class soon and that would make me get to my 12 credits mark. Well… I was wrong. I had to go to my advisor and ask her for help on what class I should take to at least get to 12 credits. She told me that I had to take another natural science and showed me all of the possible classes I could take. It came down between BiSci 3 and this course. After reading more about this class, I decided to choose this because I thought it sounded more up my alley and could teach me new interesting things.

I am not a science major because I have always wanted to be in a field where I could help someone by interacting with them. Whenever I think of science majors I think of people who are behind a desk in labs doing weird experiments, which just isn’t for me. I know that science majors do help people, mostly with the drugs they create to cure sicknesses, but I just wanted to be able to see the persons face when I was helping them.


Lightning looks dope here.




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