The evolution of my disinterest in science.

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Paterra and I am a freshman from Cleveland, Ohio. While scheduling classes my adviser told me I should take a science class my first semester to fulfill a GN requirement. After reading through the class descriptions, SC200 really caught my eye. I dreaded my high school biology class and physics class, and merely put up with my chemistry class. The only science class I seemed to enjoy was my AP environmental science class I took my junior year. This class focused more on modern issues with the world and what we can do to solve these issues.  SC200 appeared to be very similar to this in the sense that we would be looking at modern issues and critically thinking to either solve these issues or simply further examine them. This seemed like a class that I would get real life skills out of and help with my success throughout my college career. My interest for science only goes that far. I do not plan on majoring in a science and I feel that’s for a variety of reasons. One being that I am simply not that interested in certain science fields such as biology or physics but I feel that a bigger reason is how I was taught these subjects. My first real taste of science was freshman year biology. This class was characterized by the immense memorization of formulas and regurgitation of cycles. We would do occasional labs but none of which I enjoyed or saw a practical use for. I believe this is why I loathe almost every science class I have taken. Science has began to spark my interest again due to my heavy interest in sports statistics. Whether it be how the altitude of a baseball stadium effects the flight of the ball or the daily exit velocity/angle of every at bat on any given day, I have found myself interested in science again.mlbf_461919483_th_13


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  1. Gulianna E Garry

    Hi! I totally agree with you! I was horrible at sciences in High School. The only class I truly enjoyed in High School was marine biology. In my school Marine Bio and APES went hand and hand, so here is a link about the premise of Marine Biology. here

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