To Science or Not to Science

HELLO ALL, my name is Audrey Sakhnovsky and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a sophomore double majoring in Print Journalism and English with a minor in Psychology. I am in this SC 200 course because I needed another GN, this one fit into my schedule, and the course material actually looked exciting.

Although I have no intention of being a science major, I never truly disliked science. The issue was that science always seemed to be the class I had to try the hardest in, as it was difficult for me to wrap my head around it or feel that I would need it in my everyday life. I always liked my history and English classes more. The one time I felt that I was enjoying my science course was when I opted to take the Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology class and I loved it. For once I was motivated by the course itself mainly due to the large relevance of the content. Although I loved it, I knew I could never become a nurse or a doctor of any kind, so I opted for the other subject I was good at: writing.

What I imagine what being a doctor is like

In looking at the way this course is configured and seeing as how many people wanted to learn more about climate change (as exhibited from the first day of class), I wanted to bring up the topic of how rising sea levels could mean our cities will be underwater in the near future. Here is a link discussing the possible outcomes of global warming on our coastal cities. It’s something I definitely would want to learn more about in this class.

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