Hello everyone.

My name is Dominic DeCinque, and I am from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, a small town around 30 minutes away from Philadelphia. I went to La Salle College High School and am currently a freshman in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. I hope to become a student at the Smeal College of Business, but am not exactly sure about the specific major I will graduate with. I am passionate about all Philly sports, but especially my Sixers. I believed in the science of analytics right when the Sixers brought in General Manager Sam Hinkie to turn the franchise around. “Trust the Process” became a saying I believed in, and my  dream finally came true when the Sixers selected Ben Simmons with the first overall pick. Simmons is the future of the league and I cannot wait to see where he takes them and am excited for the future.  The reason I decided to take this class is because when I was scheduling my classes at NSO, all the science classes that were available were not to my liking. I made it clear I wanted nothing to do with biology, chemistry, or physics. After hearing this, my advisor told me to check if SC200 was still available and explained to me that it was a class based on critical thinking of questions and topics that the general public have thought about, but have not been able to answer. I quickly scheduled it and became intrigued during our first class last week.

When I was in grade school, I loved science. Learning about planets and animals was so interesting to me that going to my science class everyday was something I looked forward to. As I got older and started taking true science classes such as my worst enemy biology and chemistry, I realized that science was not my cup of tea. I despised having to memorize the curriculum that I did not want to learn about.  I hated having to conduct labs and writing reports on our discoveries. The only science class I somewhat enjoyed in high school was physics, because that was mostly math driven so it was easy for me to catch onto the material being taught in class. Yes, I love the show Breaking Bad, and Interstellar is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I could never see myself doing the actual science that took place on the TV every night.  In physics class, we learned about a man named Elon Musk, the inventor of Tesla cars.  Here is an article talking about Musk’s plan to send an unmanned spacecraft called SpaceX to Mars as early as 2018.

2 thoughts on “We Talkin’ ‘Bout Science?

  1. bkt5114

    Hi Dominic,

    When I was scrolling through the posts yours stuck out to me because I noticed we have a lot of things in common. I went to Malvern Prep which isn’t too far from La Salle, you probably know exactly where it is.. But anyways Im also a big sports fan especially our philly teams. I grew up playing and watching a lot of sports. I am also thinking about a business major. I also hated all of the memorization in past science classes.. Didnt really see the point of it..

  2. Jackson Grey Hope

    Hi Dominic,

    After reading your post, you and I seem to have many things in common. Not only am I an undecided student with hopes to enter the Smeal College of Business, but I am also a huge sports fan! I am as excited as you are for the Ben Simmons era and to hopefully watch the next big time player in the NBA. Simmons has such a mature feel for the court and also has great vision. Not only will he be a dominate scorer, but he will also develop himself as a fantastic all-around player and I can see him having a few triple doubles this season. I also noticed that you said you were more of a “math style thinker.” I as well was a fan of the physics course in high school due to the fact that is was more math driven. Here’s a link to Ben Simmons summer league highlights to get you pumped for the Rookie’s first season!

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