Why I am not the next Albert Einstein


I’m Katelyn Bowers from northern Virginia.  Right now i’m undecided in my major but I’ve ruled out anything science or math related. I think this has much to do with my prior schooling, in middle and high school.  They were always my worst subjects and it had a lot to do with how they were taught, especially science.  I understand that science can be fun and interesting but it often depends much on the teacher and mine most definitily did not make science have this impression on me.  Having been scarred from my previous earth science, chem, physics, and bio classes I decided science was not for me.  If we’re being honest the reason I’m in this class is because I need a science Gen Ed, but all of us being non science majors in a science class, I’m sure that’s why most of us are.


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  1. David Todd Ross

    Hey Katelyn! I can relate with you in terms of your poor experiences with your teachers. I am also from Northern Virginia (Alexandria) and even with the “best teachers in the nation” I still do not look back on science classes and appreciate them. While you may not enjoy science or math, you might enjoy watching some of the videos by Vsauce ( https://www.youtube.com/user/Vsauce ) or Numberphile ( https://www.youtube.com/user/numberphile ). Their videos are intriguing and they are the only way I can sometimes appreciate math and science. Hopefully Andrew can change that!

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