Science isn’t Cool

Hi, my name is Zac Cope, and I am a freshman in the Division of Undergraduate Studies looking to become a Finance major. I’m from Chicago, IL (I know, a little different from all the PA’s and New Jersey’s) and most of my relatives live here in Pennsylvania so I’ve always felt at home here and have always loved Penn State. Both my parents went to school here as well as 4 of my uncles, so I grew up in a Penn State family and we take that pride everywhere we go. As far as science goes, I’ve always been pretty good at it. In high school, I was always in the honors science classes and got very good grades in them. I don’t want to say I don’t like science, because it actually does interest me on a good level, it’s just not something I can see myself doing outside of school for a job. I’ve always been a business guy just because it fits my personality better. Whenever I think of having a job in science after college, it just makes me think of some geek sitting in a secluded lab doing experiments all day. I could never do that, I like the business side of things where you branch out and network, always discussing with a team and trying to focus on completing a company goal. The reason I picked SC 200 was because my DUS adviser said most of the business majors took this class to use as one of their science gen eds because it wasn’t a typical rigorous science class. It also interested me after reading the course description about how this class deals with critical thinking and really tries to get you to observe deep concepts. It kind of seemed more like a philosophy or psychology class rather than science, so that was pretty cool because I never took any of those classes in high school. I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy this class because none of the lectures so far have lost my interest. I really hope that this class teaches me all sorts of weird and wacky ideas I’ve never really thought about. Anyways, I really appreciate and value what science does for our society, but I can not see myself being a scientist in the future.

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Also, here’s a link to a blog about a research scientist and why she hates her job with a burning passion… link

4 thoughts on “Science isn’t Cool

  1. Danielle Megan Sobel

    Hey! This blog really resonated with me. When I saw this course description I also thought it sounded more like a philosophy class or psychology than an actual science class. I’m really excited about this class because of the opportunities to think about controversial topics. I’m not DUS (i’m journalism) but I’m not entirely sure what I want to be “when I grow up”- but nothing with science.

  2. jnb5450

    Hi Zac,
    I was going through all of these blog posts and I am in a very similar situation. I am currently in DUS and trying to get into the Smeal College of Business (I want to study marketing). My DUS advisor suggested this class to me as well, because he told me that a lot of business majors take this and it is, “the science class for non-scientists” so I knew I would want to take this. I agree with you on how you think you’ll like this class because it is critical thinking and relating science to life, instead of the typical textbook learning. I think science is interesting too (at times), so here ( is an interesting link that you should look at, about 20 big science questions that so many people wonder about!
    Best of luck in this class!
    -Jessica Bull

  3. Sean Patrick Hickey

    Hey Zac,
    Your opinions on science are very similar to mine. Similar to you I do appreciate science and all it does for humanity but I simply do not enjoy doing all of the things required to major in a science related field. I also plan on being a finance major and working in that field after college.
    Here’s a link to the penn state investment association, if you haven’t signed up already you should check it out.

  4. Nicholas E Schneider

    After going through various posts on the blog wall I stumbled upon your entry and found it very relate-able to my both my personal life and my opinions on science as a class or major. First, while I may be one of thousands of students at Penn State from “right outside of a Philly,” you and I come from similar backgrounds. Both of my parents graduated from Penn State as well as one of my aunts and three uncles of mine, and I can say with certainty that my family is Penn State through and through and we “take that pride everywhere we go” just as your family does. We also share opinions and have similar stories as far as science is concerned, Like you, there are many aspects of science that interest me, and while I don’t hate science directly, its more the math that comes with most science that i do my best to avoid. I’ve decided to major in broadcast journalism because it’s something I’ve always been interested in and it suits my personality and career interests much more than a science job ever could. While i enjoy and appreciate science, it’s not something i’d want to dedicate everyday of my life to, and i think the same can be said for you. While I’m not sure either of us will randomly start eating, sleeping, and breathing science, maybe this class will help us open up more to the idea, this article provides in interesting perspective on our opinions of science.


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